The windtalker is a remote wind monitoring device that you can reach by phone. The number at Crestline (Marshall) is (909) 338-3362. It will answer in english telling you the temperature and current wind information. It will then give wind measurements over the previous hour. The windtalker is manufactured by... LITEK in Grants Pass Oregon.

In 1986 the Crestline Soaring Society with donations from Hang Flight Systems and Wills Wing Inc. installed the first windtalker at Camp Paivika. It stayed there for 11 years and when the building it was in was to be demolished we moved it to the roof at Herington Real Estate in uptown Crestline. Eventually with effort by Dan Deweese, it was moved in 2009 to the towers just NW of Crestline launch which has great exposure to the actual winds at Crestline launch.