Note: All flight equipment requires in person pickup at the Andy Jackson Airpark. WE WILL NOT SHIP. CA sales tax applies to all equipment sales.
Renting Equipment:
Gliders $60, Harnesses $10, shuttle info here.

Glider Purchases: (base glider price before custom charges)
    Wills Wing
        Alpha $3375
        Falcon4 $3375
        Falcon4 Tandem $4075
        Sport2 $4475
        Sport3 $5175
        U2 $4875
        T2 $6475
        T2C $8285
    NorthWing (click here for pricing)
    Moyes (click here for pricing)

Harnesses: (Many used harnesses in stock)
    custom ordered Wills Wing and High Energy harnesses available.


Books (by Dennis Pagen)
        Hang Glider Training Manual $30
        Performance Flying $30
        Understanding The Sky $25