High Adventure
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Rides to LaunchA description of the policy on getting a ride to launch with High Adventure.
WindtalkerDescription of the wind and temperature monitoring device at Crestline.
EquipmentEquipment Pricing (including wings, harnesses, reserves, instruments and books).
RestaurantsGuide to local eating in San Bernardino.
MotelsListing of good motels within reasonable distance to the flying site.
Thermal EtiquetteHow to join in with another pilot who's already thermaling.
Emergency Landing ProceduresWhat to do if there is fire in the mountains or a "CLEAR THE AIR" signal.
AirspaceA quick description of the Airspace System in the United States.
Radio UsageUsing an aviation radio to cross the Redlands Aerobatic area.
Andy Jackson SignOwen Morse and company building the Andy Jackson sign.
CommentsComments from passengers after their flights.
Dianne & RobPhotos of Dianne and Rob
WeddingDianne and Rob getting married at Crestline in 1984.
25 year anniversaryDianne and Rob celebrate 25 years of marriage in 2009.
Tandem Photo600 by 800 photo of Dianne and Rob tandem hang gliding.
Andy Jackson AirparkA quick history of how the Andy Jackson Airpark got started.
Rob's childhood aviation.Wilfred Weisensee founds the Dundas Model Airplane Club.
Nanolight TrikingA day with a camera along to record some light weight triking and soaring.
ApacheTrikePhotos and setup videos of the Apache trike.
An FAA FirstEarly history of earning a tandem license through the FAA.
FAR Part 103Legal mumbo jumbo about the rules governing ultralight activity.
F-18A story of a ride in an F18.