Our Dear Friend Owen Morse leads us through the vows...

(and jeweler extraordinaire, Dusty, in the ballcap, holds the rings... thanks Dusty!!!)  

Here are the words to the vows...


Friends, on this spot 25 years ago, Dianne and Rob first tied the knot. They have had quite a journey together and to celebrate, they are here to renew their vows. Thanks to everyone for coming.

In reality, even though Dianne had provided Rob occasional hints about a possible silver anniversary vow renewal, as most of you know, she only just found out about this gathering, a couple of minutes ago when Rob re-proposed over in the parking lot. It’s a good thing she said yes or Rob would have to fly the tandem glider alone.

Don’t expect the usual formal wedding verbage, because as you all know, Rob and Dianne are very individualistic and prefer to do things their own way.

Rob, take Dianne’s hand and repeat after me:

I Rob McKenzie, do hereby declare

that the last 25 years have been the best years of my life.

We have seen many changes around us.

We have lost some friends and made many new ones.

My greatest wish at this time is to be able to continue our lives together.

Dianne, repeat after me:

I Dianne McKenzie,

Have also enjoyed these past 25 years as being the best in my life,

We had a humble start.

Good days and bad days.

But the easy times have far outweighed the difficult times.

I too wish to continue making memories together.

Dusty, could you bring up the rings and start by handing Dianne’s ring to Rob?

Rob repeat after me…

Dianne, please accept this ring in celebration of a quarter century together.

In hopes that we may continue.

There will be santa ana days, and soarable days.

Safe flying, and red dots.

At times the truck won’t run, and life won’t be much fun.

But we will be together as we continue our journey.

Dusty could you hand Rob’s ring to Dianne.

Dianne, repeat after me…

Rob, please take this ring in celebration of 25 years of marriage.

I also hope that we may continue our journey.

Yes the truck might get stuck at the gas station with no spark.

And there may be bookcases I have to dodge on the 395.

Life doesn’t always turn out like we plan but that’s life and life is great.

So folks, I present to you Dianne and Rob,… still married after all these years.

After Rob sets up his wing, we’ll begin launches starting with Dianne and Rob launching first. Try to stay up so that those driving down can see the landings.