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XC through the Redlands Aerobatics Area

This page has been created to help para and hang pilots that are considering using an aviation radio to fly an XC flight east from Marshall Peak in socal through the aerobatics practice area at Redlands which is on aviation band frequency 123.3. It will have examples specific to that task.

First some sympathies ... It's common for hang and para pilots to think of using an aviation radio and talking to licensed pilots in an airport setting as complicated or intimidating. I know I was there not very long ago. But it's WAY easier than you think. BTW, a cheap nice radio is the ICOM A4.

Here are 3 basic rules to use as a guideline.
1. Purpose. The main purpose of a transmission is communication. Even though there are conventional ways to say certain things, if you don't say it conventionally, as long as you are speaking plain simple english and communicate what you intend, the job is a success. The other pilots would much rather hear what you have to say even if it's unconventional than to not hear you at all.

2. Brevity. Often radio traffic is busy. To help reduce the traffic, keep all transmissions short. 5 seconds is typical. A 10 second transmission is considered long.

3. Organization.
You should use this template so that important info is conveyed clearly and concisely.
WHO you are talking to
WHO you are
WHERE you are
WHAT you are doing
WHO you are talking to once again in case the listeners missed the initial part of the transmission.

Let's have a hypothetical conversation on 123.3. I suggest you turn on the radio at least 15 minutes before gliding from Harrison Peak toward the dam. You are in blue on the left, the other traffic is in red on the right. When you are still 2 miles from the practice area the conversation starts when you hear an aerobatic pilot ...
Redlands area traffic, Pitts November 267 Papa Sierra entering Redlands aerobatics practice area, Redlands traffic.
Redlands aerobatic traffic, paraglider 4 miles NW of the dam, eastbound at 4 thousand 8 hundred feet, looking for the aerobatic traffic. Redlands.
Uh... paraglider, the aerobatic practice area is currently active , would you be able to stay clear of the area? Thanks.
Redlands Pitts aerobatics, paraglider, I've got you in sight, would it be ok with you if I stayed north of the base of the foothills and transitioned the area to the east? Redlands aerobatics.
After a few seconds while he is digesting something he hasn't heard much before he might say something like...
Paraglider, what altitude are you at? I don't have you.
Redlands Pitts, paraglider, descending through 4 thousand 5 hundred feet.Redlands.
OK paraglider I have you. You shouldn't be a factor at that height.
Redlands Pitts, paraglider, looking for thermals to gain height in. Is it ok if I continue heading east and stay north of the base of the foothills, north of Green Spot Rd? Redlands.
(here's a GoogleEarth view showing Greenspot Rd)
OK paraglider, you stay north of Greenspot Road and I'll stay south. Have a good day. Pitts November 267 Papa Sierra. Redlands.
Copy that, paraglider staying north. Thanks. Appreciate it. Enjoy your day. Redlands.
If the pilot in the aerobatics area is being a jerk and won't allow you to enter the area, you have not much option other than to know the boundaries of the practice area and stay clear until the aerobatics traffic leaves. Always be polite. Even if they guys says "stay out", then respond with "roger, paraglider staying clear of the aerobatics area until the aerobatics traffic has left the area, have a good day, Redlands.

Now let's say that while initially listening you don't see or hear any aerobatic traffic. Stay monitoring, and transmit your progress every 5 minutes or so....
Redlands aerobatics traffic, paraglider, 1 mile west of the dam at 5 thousand 7 hundred feet, circling and climbing, Redlands. And keep your eyes open for traffic.