This is a continuation of the flightplan tutorial. It is to be followed alongside running Orbiter scenario called "Voyager Flight" that is in your Flytandem folder after you extract the file from this link.

The launch and the trans-Jupiter eject burn has just been completed.

Start Clicking...
Bring up Transx in both MFD's.

In the right MFD...
click "FWD" to get to Stage 2.
click "VW" to get "View:Slingshot" Note you will see an edge-on view of the current sling past Jupiter. The yellow line is where you want to be and the green line is your current trajectory.

Warp ahead until you are about 1/2 way to Jupiter. Watch the green line position of Stage 2 while you go. Slow to real time at around MJD of 43600. You'll notice that you have been running a sling very close to the planet (short green line) and perhaps even touching it as in the following image.


We always first get the yellow dashed line where we want it to be then we do a manoeuvre to position our green line on the dashed yellow line.

in the right MFD...
click the "FWD" as needed to get to Stage 4
click "VW" to get the "Encounter" view
in the left MFD...
click "FWD" as needed to get to Stage 3
click "VW" as needed to be in the "View:Sling Direct"
click "VAR" and adjust the "Outward angle" and "Inc. angle" to get the "Cl. App" distance like you did when setting up the flightplan in the previous tutorial. Try to adjust to a low inclination under 5 degrees and a Min Alt of between 500 and 900 M.

in the right MFD...
click "BCK" as needed to get to Stage 2.
click "VW" as needed to be in the "Slingshot" view.
in the left MFD...
click "BCK" as needed to be in Stage 1.
click "VW" as needed to be in the "Manoeuvre" view.
click "++" to turn the Manoeuvre mode "On"
Set up a manoeuvre and burn it so that you position the right MFD green line over and the same length as the yellow dashed line. Note the numbers in the right MFD lower left corner. You will want to get the "R.Inc" to be 0 (zero) and the "Pe Ratio" to be 1 (one).

Since changing the trajectory using the Manoeuvre burn you just did has changed the arrival time and velocity at Jupiter, the sling needs may have changed. So do both steps 1 and 2 above again. You may not need to do step 2 since it may be fairly close even after doing step 1.


You may find you have to do a couple or 3 course corrections on your way to Jupiter. As you get closer eventually the stages will automatically switch where you will be in the Slingshot Plan as Stage 1. When that happens any additional course corrections are done on the fly. I suggest you slow the real time, rotated to Prograde using the "[" keyboard key and then perhaps at warp 10 use the "LIN" to adjust the inclination with the up/down and outward using the side to side controls. Keep an eye on the Slingshot view lower left corner data for "R. Inc" and "Pe Ratio" on your way in.
After the sling is done, warp gradually up to 100,000 and wait till the Stages switch again where Stage 1 is now "Plan:Sling Direct" with the "TGT:Saturn"
If you had another sling being set up after Saturn to go to Uranus for example you would do the same Mid Course Correction steps as you did going to Jupiter. If Saturn is your destination, Stage 2 (put it into your right MFD) will show the current arrival trajectory and use the left MFD to have Stage 1 and do a "Manoeuvre" burn or if you like... burn on the fly.