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Created using TransX version 3.09 originally developed by Duncan Sharp.. Agentgonzo picked up the ball and continued development of TransX. In Dec 2010, atomicdryad fixed bugs associated with 3.13 and created this version.
In January 2014 Enjo finished development of this version (which I recommend with Orbiter 2010 instead of the stock version supplied with the download. 

These tutorials are intended to be done by simultaneously running both the tutorial in a browser window and Orbiter in Window mode. The associated scenario file is available inside each tutorial. New transx users are recommended to start with lesson 1 and work their way thru the rest in numerical order.

1Lunar ReturnThis tutorial is designed to assist in using Transx MFD in getting back to Earth from the moon. You should already have a basic ability to control the deltaglider and have already done Earth to Moon transfers using the basic tools like Orbit, Align and Transfer.
2Transfer to PhobosIn this Transx tutorial you are in a fairly low Mars orbit within a couple degrees of alignment with Phobos. The mission goal will be to do a single burn that adjusts both Prograde and Inclination as well as the time of the burn to transfer to Phobos.
3Mars surface to VenusThis Transx tutorial is designed to take you from a surface position on Mars and create a next stage with an eject plan to Venus.
4 Voyager Setup This exercise is practicing making a Transx flightplan starting from being parked on Earth surface, planning a Voyager-like flight to eject Earth to Jupiter with a sling to Saturn.
5 Voyager Flight This is a continuation of the flightplan tutorial. The trans-Jupiter burn has been done and the tutorial takes you through the midcourse corrections to sling around Jupiter towards Saturn.
6 Free Return This exercise is to start from low Earth orbit and plan and fly a trajectory that does a single prograde burn that has the ship travel to the moon to sling around and return to Earth where either a second burn would reinsert a low Earth orbit or do a reentry. A mid-course correction is done on both the outbound and return legs. To save time the low Earth orbit is already aligned with the moon's orbit.
7 Venus triple sling Start from sitting on the surface of Mercury. Set up a flight plan that comprises of an Eject to Venus with free coasting slings to Venus again, then Venus a third time then Mars.
8 Challenge 2006 From a low polar Earth orbit with only 1303 Kg of fuel in main tank and 18 Kg in the RCS, establish a geosynchronous orbit (radius 42.16M).
9 Surrogate Planning Using a surrogate ship to assist in trajectory planning.