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...and monitor 145.555 (and 123.3 if able)

Note: If you call 911 they will ask your "address".
If you are at the LZ then you can save time by giving them
"6191 Badger Canyon, San Bernardino".
This address has been put into the 911 database but is
NOT a mailing address or online mapfinder location.


If there is a fire IN THE MOUNTAINS within 5 miles of the LZ we must land immediately. Also if the fire is more than 5 miles away, do not fly to within 5 miles of the closest edge of the fire. Additionally if a fire has been burning for more than a few hours, there is a good chance that the FAA has created a temporary flight restriction (TFR) that overides our self imposed 5 mile radius. To determine if a TFR exists, call 1-(800)-WX-BRIEF and ask for notams and if any TFR's exist that affect us in our flying area which is 7 miles NW of San Bernardino Airport.

Emergency Helicopter Activity

Occasionally either an accident or other emergency situation exists that has either the police, MedEvac, or Search and Rescue helicopters brought to the area. The helicopters from these organizations usually leave us alone when and where we fly. If such a helicopter is circling the area begin a flight to the LZ. If they continue their presence continue your descent to the LZ. It is better to err on the side of safety than to assume they are just curious and risk interfering with their important duties.


The CSS has adopted a system of clearing the air of all hang gliding and paragliding. Occasionally an emergency arises that has no fire visible and no helicopters in the area. It may for example be for a helicopter that is waiting several miles away for the flying to cease before they arrive to deal with the emergency. The signal we have to inform us all to land is a large white X placed on our PG side landing target. You must know and obey this signal. It is also suggested to do big ears (paragliding) or drop your legs (hang gliding) to assist in getting others to know we need to land. You should also know where the white vinyl rolls are located in the LZ. (It should be on the container above the benches at the north end of the container.) It could be YOU that must act to save the day. Perhaps an injury in the LZ has you dialing 911 and paramedics call a helicopter to the area and the paramedics ask you to have all pilots land BEFORE the helicopter arrives. It will be up to you to remember this white X signal and assemble the signal. Below is what the signal should look like as seen from the air.