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The River Of Black

Mark asked me what kind of takeoff I would like. At first I was lost by the question then I realized it had to do with afterburners and fuel consumption. I said lets conserve fuel. As we started our roll it was much like any commercial jet I've been in. However at one point Mark said something about afterburners and the acceleration literally doubled. The nose rotated up, a slight oscillation in pitch and roll, the wheels lifted and the usual view of the desert sage zipped past.

Looking forward as we started the takeoff roll. Note the top of Mark's helmet in the front seat.

With Mark at the controls I looked around at Hwy 58 below and was impressed at the steep bank angle with 2 g's but with little change of heading. It goes with the territory of speed but even knowing what to expect it is still fascinating.

Extracting my cheapo camera from my shin pocket I did the touristy thing for a couple of minutes with a shot or two back toward me from arms length.