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Going Inverted

Heading into the familiar Owens from the east side (the Inyos) just south of Mazurka I remembered having made a nice photo straight down at Lone Pine from about 12 K in '85 or so in a Comet , so I asked Mark to put us inverted for a while so I could shoot up (down) at Lone Pine. One drawback of the F-18 is it's inability to sustain inverted flight for more than ... I think Mark said 12 seconds . Anyway, we rolled it over as we headed south along 395 into Lone Pine at about 15K I think. We did stay inverted long enough for me to realize they should maybe vacuum out the floors of this plane more often. :)

Photo looking up through the canopy at Lone Pine.

Obviously we had to buzz the Horseshoe launch but the time being about 1:30 PM and Mark's computer saying the wind was from the NW at about 15 knots it was not likely we could ruffle any feathers so we climbed to a legal altitude over the Sierras and Mt Whitney.