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Hanging Out In an F-18
by Rob McKenzie

The Trade of Services
Preflight Training
Hooking In
The Takeoff
A First Hands On
Slow Flight
Terrain Following
Upside Down
Over the Sierras
Radar Locked On Target
Loops and G's
Mach Speed
The Approach
A Tale of Two Pilots

F-18 Statistics
Type: Function: Year: Crew: Engines: Wing Span:
F/A - 18 Fighter / Attack 1980 1 (A & C)
2 (B & D)
2 x 16,000 lb. GE F404-400 40 ft. 8 in.
Length: Height: Ceiling: Range: Max. Weight: Max. Speed:
56 ft. 15 ft. 3 in. 50,000 ft. 1,586 mi. (fighter)
1,533 mi. (attack)
56,000 lbs. Mach 1.8+